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Our Divine Mother Earth needs us


My highly sensitive and empathic body has been finding comfort and soothing by cradling itself into the lap of Mother Earth on the inner planes and by physically lying on the ground in my local woods at the feet of some magnificent tree friends over the last few weeks. This morning my body feels calm and held by Divinity from the inside and outside. My root chakra feels deeply connected to the core of Mother Earth.

I thanked Mother Earth for having helped me ground and root. I feel truly safe and held by her.

She then told me that she too needs our support. She needs us all to slow down and to pause. She needs us to hold space for her as she is going through an enormous transformation. She has been holding and supporting us for so long. Now she needs us to stop and pause, so we can fully be here for her.

I then felt her precious globe body land into my lap. My Divine Self holding her, soothing her, listening to her and simply being present with her.

She needs us right now to be here for her.

With love