Private sessions

Inner Body Listening and Somatic Healing

…a presence and body-based approach to healing and awakening.

I am available for individual sessions either in person at my home in Stroud, by phone or online via Zoom. Sessions are also available in German.

Inner Body Listening supports you to:

  • Connect with your own inner source of well-being
  • Root into the safety of the ground of Being
  • Listen to guidance from your inner Being
  • Feel more deeply at home in your own body and your wider earth body
  • Welcome, allow and integrate all parts of yourself
  • Develop a loving and supportive relationship with yourself
  • Strengthen your bond with your inner child (innocence)
  • Embody your natural strength, power and sovereignty
  • Tap into your full life force and vitality
  • Meet your current experience from a deeper ground of Being
  • Navigate your way through your unique life circumstance from presence
  • Cultivate new and natural ways of being
  • Explore health and well-being in your body
  • Listen to your body’s natural movement towards wholeness and well-being
  • Become the compassionate space within which integration and healing takes place
  • Explore a wide range of emotions and the depth of their wisdom and gifts
  • Explore conscious relating from felt experience and presence
  • Give your unique gift in the world

Initial session: 1 ½ hours

Cost: £65

Subsequent sessions: 1 hour (for those with some experience), otherwise 1 ½ hours recommended to fully complete an exploration.

Cost: £45 (for 1 hour long session)

Please email me –, if you would like to arrange a session with me. After an initial introductory session, I recommend committing to a series of sessions (block of 6 or 10) for maximum benefit. This allows us to build a safe and strong healing container within which healing and transformation can take place.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations with more than 2 weeks’ notice will not incur any charge.

Cancellations with less than 2 weeks’ notice but more than 48 hours will incur 50% charge unless we can find a mutually convenient alternative time within that time period.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours will incur the full fee. Thank you for your understanding.