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Private Sessions

private sessions

Somatic Inquiry (Embodied Psychotherapy) supports you to :

  • Connect with your own inner source of well being.
  • Root into the safety of the Ground of Being.
  • Listen to guidance from your own inner Being.
  • Feel more deeply at home in your own body and your wider earth body.
  • Welcome, allow and integrate all parts of yourself
  • Develop a loving and supportive relationship with yourself.
  • Strengthen your bond with your inner child innocence.
  • Embody your natural strength, power and sovereignty.
  • Tap into your full life force and vitality.
  • Meet your current experience from a deeper ground of Being.

What to expect :

  • Navigate your way through your unique life circumstance from presence.
  • Cultivate new and natural ways of being.
  • Explore health and well-being in your body.
  • Listen to your body’s natural movement towards wholeness and well-being.
  • Become the compassionate space within which integration and healing takes place.
  • Explore a wide range of emotions and the depth of their wisdom and gifts.
  • Explore conscious relating from felt experience and presence.
  • Give your unique gift in the world.

Working with Judith :

Length :  1h30

Cost : £75

Subsequent sessions :  1hour (for those with some experience). Otherwise : 1h30 recommended to fully complete an exploration.

Cost : £55 (for 1hour long session)

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial session: 90 minutes

Cost: £75

What Is Extended Support ?

After an initial introductory session, I recommend committing to a series of sessions (between 6-10) for maximum benefit. This allows us to build a safe and strong healing container within which healing and transformation can take place.

What Is Regular Support ?

Weekly or fortnightly sessions.

What happens if I cancel my session?

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel a session, with less than a week’s notice, you will be required to pay for this unless we can find a mutually convenient alternative time that week. My aim is to be flexible whilst also maintaining consistency.


“Working with Judith is completely inspiring. She is an exceptional woman facilitating an uncovering of the exceptional in myself. Her commitment to practicing authentic presence is a powerful transformational force. I celebrate and cherish the courage of this woman in the explorations she is undertaking, and trust fully her companionship in what she describes as “becoming your own existential detective”.
Nick Naydler M.A. Hons. Dip H.I.P. (Psychotherapist)

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