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Your body is listening

Let your body feel your presence.

Give your cells a warm ‘Hello’.

Be a friend to each emotion.

Thank your mind for its devotion.

Hold the hand of your sweet innocence.

Let them all feel how much you care.


They are your beloved tribe.

Connected throughout your body.

Your cells are truly listening.

Their ears are everywhere.

Receiving your permission.

They slowly lay down the past.


Your body is sighing with relief.

Your cells are cheering on your arrival.

Each cell is giving you a hug.

They are all rejoicing in this union.

You are being flooded by their love.


The inner field spreads all around you.

It connects you to your greater flow.

You feel your tribe has got your back.

They are blowing wind into your sails.

Your body amplifies your precious gifts.

Your cells are joyfully transmitting your medicine.


Your body has been listening.

Your body has always known your name.