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You are our fruit

A healing message from my ancestors whether you have children or not…

My ancestors came to visit
just before dropping off to sleep.
They laid their healing hands on me.
Pouring all of their love into my body.
Blessing my entire Being.
I felt so deeply loved and cared for.
Yet, a deep sorrow arose from my heart.

I looked into my ancestors’ eyes
and cried:

‘I feel so very sad, that I am
the end of this amazing lineage.
As I won’t be able to bear any children,
this line will end with me.”

My ancestors stroked my hair and face
so very tenderly.
They looked deeply into my eyes and
responded with great softness
in their voices.

“We are proud that
this lineage ends in you.
You are the result of our labour.
You are the blossom
at the end of this branch.
You are our fruit.”