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Thank you for having protected and looked after what is most precious within me for so long.

I am deeply touched by how devoted you have been to my safety.

You have even made yourself uncomfortable, having tightened all around me to give me a sense of being held.

Now I feel it is time to return the favour.

To respect you deeply.
To honour your strength.
To give you all my love and attention.
To stroke you gently.
To kiss you softly.
To let you know that I am here.

As you bathe in my love, you melt and open gently, allowing me to feel a radiance shining through you.

Eventually you whisper: „Now, that you are here, I want to hand your body back to you. My work is done.“

With immense gratitude, I receive my body back.

For my body belongs to Gentleness.

It belongs to Light.

It belongs to Love.

It belongs to me.

It’s ultimate Protector.