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Shy creatures


One day I felt a longing.

To meet the shy creatures.

Those that are hidden.

Deep in the forest.

And only come out at night.

When it is very quiet.

And still.


They have clever hiding spots.

High up on the branches of tall trees.

In burrows dug deep into the ground.

They wear powerful camouflage.

They blend in with the bark of the trunks.

And match the scattered leaves all around.

They are invisible in the dark.

Where it not for those big bright eyes.


I sit in the forest.

Waiting patiently.

It is getting dark.

I hear a rustling.

But no creature to be seen.


I continue to sit.

Feeling more still.

I see big pointy ears.

Scanning my field.

They move closer.

And quickly hide again.


I settle down.

I am taking my time.

Slowing my breath.

Now I can see the big bright eyes.

They look at me.

And quickly look away again.


So I relax even more fully.

Dropping more deeply.

Now I can feel them close.

And they whisper.

Into my ears.

Come follow us.

We will lead the way.


I gently get up.

And follow the creatures.

Who lead me to their home.

A soft and warm cave.

Filled with even more shy creatures.


The shy creatures surround me.

They are closer than close.

Their touch is the gentlest.

Their kisses the softest.

Their energy fields the safest.

Their voices the sweetest.

Their words the most loving.

Their movements the slowest.


My body falls into the arms.

Of the shy creatures.

Who through their touch.

Set my body alight.

I am being


by my shy creatures.