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Finding safety in each other

Loving presence and openness itself can remind our bodymind of past traumatic experiences. It can therefore be perceived as a threat. Our bodymind remembers the last time it was this natural openness and innocence, something shocking and frightening happened. It then innocently believes that its own openness was the cause of the traumatic experience. It concludes that if it fully returned to its naturalness further attack, abuse or neglect might occur. Therefore when we start giving ourselves loving attention, our bodymind might at first respond with fear. As we continue to provide unconditional loving presence and attention, our bodymind will very gently and slowly rediscover the safety our loving presence provides.

Can we give our bodymind the time it needs to find out whether it feels safe with us? Can we let it lead the way and guide us? How would you like me to be with you?

The same fear can occur the other way around. Our soul essence might also be afraid to fully enter our bodymind. It remembers the last time it fully inhabited its body, traumatic events took place which shocked it out of the body. Therefore when it starts to return, fear might also be released in that process. What does our soul essence need to feel safe again in its body?

Memories of trauma and the resultant fear have kept our naturally loving soul essence and our bodies apart. Only when they both reclaim each other as a source of true safety, can they fully re-unite like long lost lovers.

“My body and my mind can find true safety in my loving presence and I reclaim my body and my mind as a source of safety.”

Ultimately it is safety reuniting with safety itself. Love reuniting with love. Space reuniting with space. As when they fall into each other’s arms, they get to experience themselves as their true nature.

– Judith –