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River of endless blessings

Before I was swept up by the river

into the depth of her waters

I felt like there were

so many obstacles in the way

so many blocks to clear

endless limitations to overcome

life seemed to be pushing against me

preventing me from giving my gifts

from having fullifilling relationships

from being truly seen and heard

from being fully recognised.


Over time her current eroded away

the inner controller and manager of life

any ideas of how life should be

She returned my body back into her flow

into the safety of her holding.


She showed me that

all the obstacles, blocks and limitations

that are placed in her pathway

are not here to prevent her from flowing

but are waiting

to be cleansed by her clarity

to be softened by her power and

returned to the ocean of her love.


Nothing can ever prevent her

from blessing

what is placed in front of her.

She simply keeps on flowing

in the direction of where

her medicine is needed next.


She showed me that

it is the flowing as the river

of her endless blessings

which is so very deeply fulfilling.

She is the way.

She is the gift.