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Our Body is the Beloved

I have just returned from the Women’s Leadership Training in Corfu with Chameli Ardagh from the Awakening Women’s Institute practicing embodied feminine spirituality with other women all day long. During this amazing week, I have come to realise more deeply that our precious bodies really do hold the key to liberation. The more I dived into my body, the more I noticed how tense and frozen it felt in so many places. I thought that I was well connected to my body after years of practicing dance and movement and other embodiment practices and yet I could still find so many places that I was disconnected from.  As I was bringing more and more loving presence, through all the embodiment practices that we shared, into those ‘unloved’ places, I noticed that the tensions started to soften, to open, to relax bit by bit, place by place and my body started to feel very vast, open and free.

Wow, our body really is the gateway into the Divine. What bliss to feel our Divinity through our bodies. Spirituality is then not just an abstract idea but deeply felt and experienced in every cell of our bodies. When we meet our bodies with loving presence and deep honoring, our bodies reveal our true nature, our essence back to us, allowing us to feel, to sense, to experience who we are in a very real and tangible way. Through embodiment, we don’t only become deeply connected with ourselves but also intimately connected with our environment and with other people. Everyone and everything is sensed inside of us and therefore is experienced as part of us. Our bodies show us our connection and oneness with all of life back to us. I bow to our sacred bodies.


Notice when you are getting lost in thoughts or worries and practice coming back to something real, such as a sensation in your body, your breath or a sound entering your ears and place your attention there. Dive deeply into the sensation and meet it fully allowing it to guide you back into presence.