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One circle of Love


One day compassion confessed:

“If I had only loved more, given more, been there more, then …

…tragedy would not have happened.

…bodies would not have fallen ill or died.

…friends would not still be suffering.”


I whisper in return: “Your love

may not have solved all my problems,

may not have prevented tragedy,

may not have prevented loss,

may not have prevented death.”


She listens carefully.

”But your love has not failed me.

You have been my steady friend.

You have provided me with comfort.

You have been holding my hand.

You have made me feel safe.

You have made the unbearable more bearable.

Your love and tenderness is all I have ever wanted.

Your love has always been a gift.

Just to be loved by you so deeply,

has made the journey worthwhile.”


I bow to her and honour her

as the Goddess, as the Creator herself.

For only she could love that deeply.

Only the Mother could.


She likes being honoured and

let’s me know how tired she is.

She too wants to rest.

She too wants to curl up.

She too wants to be loved.

I say ‘yes’ to all her longings and

she gently slips downwards.

She shuts her eyes.


She too wants to be included

and held in the circle of support.

A circle of Mountains.

Love feeding Love.

All nourishing All.


She smiles.

Her children have grown up now.

They are magnificent radiant

all powerful Beings.

She happily rests back into what

she had given birth too.

She leans forward into them.

She moves deeply into all forms.


Out of that a new Being is born.

It is called “We”.

It is Us.