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Meeting my wise woman

I pass the line of trees.
High up in the mountains.
She lives in a cave nearby.
I have been told.
But no exact address given.

How will I find her?
This mountain range so vast.
I keep on walking.
Until I sense the edges
of a powerful energy field.

I sense a magnetic pull.
Calming my mind.
Relaxing my body.
Slowing my pace.
Feeling disoriented.
Yet, I feel so drawn.
To be close to its source.

I slowly continue my walk.
Her field naturally
makes me want
to approach quietly.
To tread lightly.
To move gently.
To step softly.
As to not disturb
The beauty
The sacredness
of her light.

I notice the entrance of a cave.
Approaching even more quietly.
Not wanting to disrupt
This healing flow of
her majestic field.

I wait in front of her cave.
No door.
No bell to ring.
How will I get her attention?
Without just barging in?
To make my presence known,
I gently clear my throat.
Just loud enough
for her to hear me.

I hear her moving closely
to the entrance of her cave.
Her head pops out.

A beaming smile in view.
“Here you are my dear.
Please do come in.
I have been waiting for you.”

she makes me a cup of tea.
Provides me with her food.
Dresses me in her clothes.
Let’s me soak in her bath.
Then she offers me her bed
To rest for the night.
And she just won’t accept
‘No’ for an answer!
‘What is mine is yours’
She says.

I sleep the soundest for years.
When I wake up.
I look around.
She is nowhere to be seen.
Then I notice a note,
she must have left for me
on her table.

‘Now that you have settled here,
I have gone on a journey.
A journey of growth.
A journey of transformation.
I might forget along the way.
Who I once was.
So please stay,
make yourself comfortable
and wait for me.
As I have waited for you.
For me to return to you.
One day. ‘

Now I know,
it is my turn
To hold space and
wait for her.
As we all take turns.