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Life has your number

Sometimes disaster strikes.

Sometimes our soulmate leaves us for another.
Sometimes our home is burnt down to the ground.
Sometimes illness ravages through our bodies.
Sometimes we loose our jobs.
Sometimes our businesses fail.
Sometimes we don’t know how to pay our bills.
Sometimes babies die in our womb.
Sometimes we are attacked for no reason.
Sometimes hopes are crushed.
Sometimes dreams remain unfulfilled.

Sometimes disaster strikes.

And we ask ourselves.
What have I done wrong?
How have I manifested this?
How have I attracted this misfortune?

Was it my negative thinking?
Was it emotional trauma still lingering in my field?
Was it my body language?
Was it my low self esteem?
Was it my intense wanting?

I just need to get to the root cause.

What if you are not to blame?
What if you are not the cause?
What if you have never attracted anything?

But life has your number.

And is calling you.

Because right now.

Life is in need of a friend.

A shoulder to lean on.

A lap to cry into.

Maybe you need a really good friend.