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My underground garden

A heavy cloak of exhaustion is enveloping my entire body.

I sense her flowing into every cell,

into every thought, into every emotion.

I sense her moving in.


Another wave of tiredness.

Will I ever be able to get up again?

There is nothing left to fight.

I give in,

allowing her to pull me into her underbelly.

Where she permeates and transmutes

everything I have ever known.


My body feels more liquid than solid now.

I am melting into her.

Any attempt to change

what is happening has ceased and so

I continue to follow this downward movement.

Leading me way below the ocean floor.


Weights are pulling on every limb.

Will I ever emerge again?

There is no energy left to resist.

And further down I fall.

I just so want to land and

lay my body

into the softest fertile ground.


Here at the bottom,

I find the most beautiful garden.

Buzzing with life.

Plants have grown tall and lush.

I never want to move from here again.

I am settling.

Into this underground garden.


I whisper to my body,

to my mind,

to my heart,

to my inner child,

to my soul:

“I have been waiting for you.

I have so longed for your return.”


And all of your shimmering plants

grow even taller around me.

Your roots firmly plant my belly.

Your trunk supports my spine.

Your branches cradle my neck and head.

Your leaves caress my skin.

Your flowers intoxicate me.

Your fruits sweeten my mouth.


Your entire ecosystem surrounds me lovingly and

gently rocks my body from side to side.

I am feeling held and

I am further relaxing into you.


You are my garden.

You are my home.

You complete me.

I just so love hanging out with you.

In this beautiful underground garden.


Who would have known

that all of my thoughts, feeling and sensations

when firmly planted into the ground

create this all giving garden

in which my body can rest

and finally feel safe in.