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Giving like a tree

Before I found my roots,

I gave to be seen.

I gave to be liked.

I gave to be admired.

I gave to be good.

I gave to save.

I gave to make it right.

I gave to appease.

I gave to soften the blows.

I gave for you to be kind.


One day something inside

said loud and clear:

I don’t have anything left to give.

I am just so exhausted!


I followed the voice inside

and found a deep tiredness within

it collapsed

and fell to the ground.


There I found my roots.

They whispered to me:

Give like a tree.

Rather than reaching out.

Go deep down.

Tap deep into the nourishment below.

Let your roots bring to you

everything you need

in order to grow.


Eventually the tree grows

tall and strong

It can’t help bearing fruits.

Until the fruits are so full

they burst

and fall to the ground.

To be found by those

who would like

to taste them.