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My body’s way is sacred

Increasingly, I feel deeply touched by the way my body sees, responds and naturally lives this precious life. It feels like the more I am listening, deeply honoring and respecting all of my body’s responses, reactions, feelings, sensations, its likes and dislikes, the more I get to experience life through my increasingly awakened bodily creature rather than solely through the eyes of a witnessing presence.

It feels like presence has over the years slowly and gently moved deeply into my softened flesh and bones. My body has been calling for this deep permeation of presence for a very long time. Especially over the last year, my body has asked me to spend lots of quality time with it so I could get to know it better, to get to know its feelings and the way it moves. It has felt like a deep initiation into the way my body naturally moves, lives and loves. It showed me that it already knows what is natural and what is not. It knows how to live this life in a way that feels good and true.

This is what my body has taught me about life, grief and love so far and for sure this is only the beginning of a great marriage!

My body naturally bonds deeply with those it enjoys company with.

My body naturally grieves the loss of loved ones. It misses them deeply.

My body loves to feel safe. It loves warmth and comfort.

My body feels and cares very deeply.My body cries when sad things happen.

My body feels our shared pain.

My body feels outraged by injustice and cruelty.

My body loves gentle and kind touch.

My body loves stretching, moving, dancing and being outside in nature.

My body doesn’t like being rushed or hurried.

My body doesn’t like harsh words.

My body loves me to simply hang out with it and to get to know it rather than fix it.

When my body is ill, it needs a lot of rest and comfort.

My body loves curling up in front of the fire.

My body loves gazing into its beloved eyes and loves to be seen.

My body loves heartfelt friendship and loves to share deeply.

Sometimes, my body needs to be alone and needs precious cave time.

My body loves the feeling of warm sunshine on its face.

My body loves home cooked nutritious food.

My body loves basking in presence.

My body loves the feeling of bare earth under its feet.

My body loves to float like a seal in the ocean.

My body loves the feeling of a gentle breeze on its skin.

My body adores and deeply respects all animals.

My body loves climbing trees.

My body loves music and art.

My body loves kindness and respect.

My body loves hugs.

My body loves simplicity.

My body loves deeply.

My body is nature.

My body is sacred.

I love my body’s way of life.