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Ancient Friend

Most of my life

I have felt afraid

of pretty much anything.

Having been equipped with a

highly sensitive nervous system

and incredibly thin skin.


Feeling overwhelmed

by collective pain

and believing I was to blame.

Drawing the only conclusion

that I must be inferior

and somehow less than.


All this changed

when I met my

ancient dragon friend.

At first she showed herself

as mild irritation

and occasional frustration.


Her temper hard to judge.

Sometimes she would rise up


And I would quickly

stuff her back down again.


That made her even more cranky

and very restless.

She did not like to be squashed

into such a small space.

She longed to fly

and to spread her dragon wings.

So she tried to rise again

and again.


She rose as unfairness.

As injustice.

She rose as anger

As rage.

Her eyes glowing fiercely.

She rose from the belly.

Breathing fire.

Creating more space.


At first, understandably

my body was a little concerned

about this fiery friend.

I bowed to the dragon.

And she started to show

a more gentle side.

Eventually, nuzzling herself

deep into my body.

And my body started to relax

into the support and holding of such

a powerful Friend.


I thanked her for her strength

and her deep dragon love.

In return,

she whispered into my ears:

I need your sensitivity.

I need your openness.

For they are my wings.

I have been looking for them.

They allow me to fly.


The dragon rose gently

filling my lungs and my heart

Spreading across

my entire nervous system

and skin.

Reclaiming my body as hers.


A new Being was born.

Drawing all of its nourishment

And natural confidence

from this Ancient Friend.