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A Divine Love Affair

In my own experience, our human nature so yearns for the Divine as it longs for release from suffering and equally our divine nature yearns for our human nature, as it so longs to express itself through it. When I allowed my divine nature to fully embrace and deeply touch my human nature with great tenderness and adoration, my human nature relaxed more and more back into the Divine and knows itself as that. In that full embrace, the two recognise that they are so close together that they are is no distance between the two, but that they are one and the same. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. When they dance together with such deep adoration for each other, then there is so much joy and happiness here. They move as one. Dancing stillness.

2 Comments on A Divine Love Affair

    June 23, 2014


    Damien Phillips
    September 2, 2017

    Bloody hell, Judith. You've got all the right words and you can put them in the right order as well.
    This feels like an invitation to a very special dance school. Please tell me how I get enrolled, and I'll bring my body along tootsweet.
    I live in Bristol.