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Your body is listening

Let your body feel your presence. Give your cells a warm ‘Hello’. Be a friend to each emotion. Thank your mind for its devotion. Hold the hand of your sweet… Read More »Your body is listening

Everything is allowed

Everything is allowed to flow as it wants to flow. My emotions are allowed to flow. My body is allowed to flow. My mind is allowed to flow. My energy… Read More »Everything is allowed

Snail’s pace

Some things manifest andgrow at a snail’s pace in our life.This allows our nervous systemto gently grow with it.The snail is infinitely wise.‘There is no rush.’She says. -Judith-

My body’s way is sacred

Increasingly, I feel deeply touched by the way my body sees, responds and naturally lives this precious life. It feels like the more I am listening, deeply honoring and respecting… Read More »My body’s way is sacred

Our Divine Mother Earth needs us

My highly sensitive and empathic body has been finding comfort and soothing by cradling itself into the lap of Mother Earth on the inner planes and by physically lying on… Read More »Our Divine Mother Earth needs us

You are our fruit

A healing message from my ancestors whether you have children or not… My ancestors came to visit just before dropping off to sleep. They laid their healing hands on me. Pouring… Read More »You are our fruit


Our armour is our Soul

Our Soul is within our armour. Our armour is our Soul. It hides and protects what is most precious until it is deeply honoured and respected as Divinity itself. It… Read More »Our armour is our Soul

Finding safety in each other

Loving presence and openness itself can remind our bodymind of past traumatic experiences. It can therefore be perceived as a threat. Our bodymind remembers the last time it was this… Read More »Finding safety in each other

Healthy boundaries

I see a clearing surrounded by deeply rooted and strong trees. It is so still and quiet here. All the inner creatures are enjoying restful play. The sun is shining… Read More »Healthy boundaries


Every player is needed

When we deeply honour and respect all parts of ourselves as purest Divinity, all parts start to harmonise with each other. They join forces to become a synchronised team, which… Read More »Every player is needed


Healthy attachment

Healthy attachment is when All parts of yourself Turn towards your light Like a field of sunflowers facing the sun. They turn towards you For safety For support For love… Read More »Healthy attachment

Sacred process

Our inner process knows what it needs to unfold and ‘hatch’. It is asking us to treat it with utmost respect, care and gentleness. It does not want to be… Read More »Sacred process

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