“SPECTACULAR and profound work, immense love and it has affected me deeply.” Nicky Ferry, Life Coach

“I  have been profoundly impacted by such a deeply held heart space, the field of love was very very palpable, extremely grateful for your open, loving and courageous holding Judith.” Jenny Smith

 “Clarity, warmth and total acceptance are what I experience in Judith’s satsang, the beautiful opportunity of coming together to explore the truth of our being.  For those of us who feel there is something missing in our lives, feel blocked or in pain from past events or are searching for spiritual meaning, the gentleness and palpable love of Judith’s approach holds and guides us to find freedom.'”- Liza Wedgwood, Dancer

“I’ve spent my whole life on a spiritual quest. I always thought that the truth was something I could attain if only I was on the right path, had the right teacher, was in the right place at the right time. It was somewhere ‘over there’. My shelves are full of books about how to get there, what practices to do and what religious beliefs I needed to have access to higher states of consciousness, become happier and find a place of fulfilment. The goal always seemed just out of reach, true happiness illusive, the longing remained. Then I experienced Satsang with Judith. The effect was profound. She encouraged me to reverse everything I had been doing and thinking with warmth, humour and a lightness of touch. Her Satsangs are an opportunity to sit in presence with others and welcome all of my struggles, all of my difficulties and all of my longing and follow them back to their source in me, right now in this moment. When I do this a space opens up and true freedom and joy start to emerge. I would encourage anyone to follow their curiosity and give themselves the opportunity to experience this. You would need to follow a path to get to Judith’s Satsang but once you are there, you may discover that there truly is nowhere else to go.” Peter Newton

“Through this work with Judith I have found a deep love and respect for myself which is transforming the way that I approach my life and my relationships with others. The ability to meet and welcome difficult emotions when they arise has deepened my compassion for myself, to feel a tender love for my own being, which naturally extends itself towards others. Judith’s presence in this is  always grounded and loving – she brings a gentle, clear humour to the process which reminds one that life is joyful, even when it appears to be painful.” – Angie Spencer, Artist

“Judith’s warm, tender holding of space combined with her deeply feminine presence and intuition allows the younger self to feel safe enough to express herself. Her insights, simple in word go right to the core, bringing a significant shift of perception! I highly recommend her! “
– Annabel Hollis, Writer, Artist, Massage Therapist

Working with Judith is completely inspiring. She is an exceptional woman facilitating an uncovering of the exceptional in myself. Her commitment to practicing authentic presence is a powerful transformational force. I celebrate and cherish the courage of this woman in the explorations she is undertaking, and trust fully her companionship in what she describes as “becoming your own existential detective”.
– Nick Naydler M.A. Hons. Dip H.I.P. (Psychotherapist/Bristol)