About me

I am deeply in love with Being and have dedicated my life to supporting others in coming home to themselves.

Judith Puckmayr Practitioner of Embodied Feminine Spirituality

Since my teens, I have explored a wide range of healing modalities and spiritual teachings, but it was through my connection with my beloved teacher Pamela Wilson, that I came to realise my true nature as the very source of deep rest and well-being. My other beloved teacher has been nature herself, who one day in the woods, revealed to me that we are the very essence, which creates and sustains all of life. She has helped me to deeply land in my body and continuously shows me how to live and express more from my true nature. In 2011, Pamela Wilson invited me to facilitate satsang gatherings to support others in their awakening and spiritual unfoldment.

My approach to satsang is very body-based and encourages a direct experience of our True Nature through our own bodies so we can fully live and express our deepest wisdom and love. This body-based approach is supported by my training as a Body and Movement Psychotherapist and ongoing practice in embodied spirituality.

“Our bodymind responds to our kindness and respect. It might soften, expand or brighten. That is its way of saying: “I like the way you are with me.” As we are experiencing whatever our bodymind is experiencing, our bodymind’s response to our love, allows us to experience the felt sense of love we have been longing for.” ~ Judith

Judith and Pamela at Les Damias, France