Heart Wisdom Circles

Satsang – Heart Wisdom Circles

These gatherings are dedicated to explore what our true nature is, to bask and feast in presence and to support each other to root down into the deepest part of our being. Through the art of embodied spiritual inquiry, we will also jointly embrace, meet and liberate anything that might still feel limited, contracted or confused (any form of suffering) and support it to remember its true nature and return back home into the Heart, back into natural presence. Whatever is touched by the love and compassion that we are, naturally returns back to Being and in that process, a natural flowering of our Being occurs.

My dear teacher Pamela Wilson (pamelasatsang.com) has given me her blessings to share this beautiful work with you.

“Everything renews itself in your love.” Judith

Satsang with Judith in Bristol

Experience Satsang with Judith, watch videos of her sessions in Bristol