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Soul Sanctuary

“Satsang is like a nature reserve for our body, mind and soul. We need safe and protected places where all of ourselves can gradually come to rest, unfurl and return to naturalness.”

~ Judith

“Our bodymind responds to our kindness and respect. It might soften, expand or brighten. That is its way of saying: “I like the way you are with me.”

As we are experiencing whatever our bodymind is experiencing, our bodymind’s response to our love, allows us to experience the felt sense of love we have been longing for.”



In Satsang we come to know ourselves as an already deeply compassionate, loving and benevolent presence that is always available even in the midst of turmoil and great challenge. This presence is our greatest resource and friend. It is already vast, open and free. It is welcoming of all aspects of our being – our humanity, our emotions, our thoughts, our history and our potential. Whatever this inherently tender presence touches is gradually integrated and returned home. This is the process of embodiment.

We deeply respect and nurture the organic and natural unfoldment of our bodies and our energy fields so we can feel, breathe, live and express our wild elemental Beingness. Our bodies know what feels true and natural and lead the way on this journey of embodiment.

We gather together to co-create a sacred, love-filled transformational healing field and sanctuary. Within the safety, holding and warmth of the gathering we keep each other company on our unique journeys of embodiment. We share from the wise depths of our bodies, hearts and souls, creating mutual trust and safety. This allows us to dive deeply into what we love the most and supports us in living from embodied presence in our daily lives.

My dear teacher Pamela Wilson  asked me in 2011 to share this beautiful work with you. Since then I have been holding regular circles both in-person and online.

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“I have been profoundly impacted by such a deeply held heart space, the field of love was very very palpable, extremely grateful for your open, loving and courageous holding Judith.”
Jenny Rose Smith
Wisdom Teacher

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