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About Judith

“Our bodymind responds to our kindness and respect. It might soften, expand or brighten. That is its way of saying: “I like the way you are with me.”

As we are experiencing whatever our bodymind is experiencing, our bodymind’s response to our love, allows us to experience the felt sense of love we have been longing for.”

~ Judith

Judith's story

Judith is a Wisdom Teacher, Soul Companion & Dance Movement Psychotherapist. Born & raised in Austria, she moved to the UK in her 20s. Since her teenage years Judith has devoted herself to the journey of emotional healing & spiritual transformation initially through breathwork & later through movement & dance practices.

While immersed in the study & practice of dance, meditation, & non-dual teachings, Judith was prompted by a persistent inner voice to: “Find a woman teacher!” Within days of this revelation Judith met Pamela Wilson, who became her beloved ‘Root Teacher.’

In 2011 Pamela invited Judith to share the Dharma & to hold Satsang Circles or ‘Soul Sanctuaries’ as Judith likes to call her gatherings. For 12 years now Judith has been supporting others in realising & embodying their true nature through regular circles, retreats & individual sessions.

Judith’ approach to Satsang is strongly supported by her work as a Dance and Movement Psychotherapist as well as further training in somatic trauma healing modalities.

Prior to setting up her private psychotherapy practice, she has worked as a Dance & Movement Psychotherapist in an addiction recovery centre in Stroud, a women’s refuge centre in Gloucester and several residential care facilities including dementia units in her local area. She has had the privilege of spending 1-1 time with residents who were close to dying.

She is also a Landscape Architect & ‘Water Shaman’ who designs & advises on natural rainwater management systems. Her deep connection to Mother Earth inspires & informs all her work as a teacher & healer.

Judith invites a grounded, compassionate & embodied approach to emotional healing & spiritual awakening. She loves supporting others in exploring their true nature as an already vast & open field of radiant presence through which unfoldment happens organically. 

“When you go within, come with kindness, respect and a bunch of flowers. All treasures will reveal themselves naturally.”


Her Training

  • MA Dance & Movement Psychotherapy

  • Registered Dance & Movement Psychotherapist in private practice (ADMP)

  • Regular Supervision with a Dance & Movement Psychotherapist

  • Ongoing mentoring with Pamela Wilson (Satsang with Pamela)

  • Ongoing mentoring with Fanny Behrens and Colin Harrison (Movement of Being)

  • Level 1 Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training UK

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training with Derek Scott

  • Level D1, D2 & D3 in Kiloby Inquiries with Scott Kiloby (Somatic trauma & repression work)

  • Certificate in ‘Embodied Psychotherapy’ with Katarina Gadjanski & Tasha Colbert

  • ‘Embodied Presence’ training with Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton

  • Feminine Power Leadership training with Claire Zammit & Katherine Woodward-Thomas

  • Women’s Group Facilitation training with Chamelii Ardagh (Awakening Women)


“I feel so seen and met by Judith. Her presence is incredibly welcoming and judgment free that it feels safe enough to share my deepest vulnerabilities, and in doing so, I am able to wholeheartedly embrace more of myself. No matter what is arising in me, once I’ve sat with Judith, I feel reconnected to myself with a sense of safety and joy in the body and being present (in the here and now) feels natural and effortless.”
Rachel J Mitchell

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