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Oasis of Being

Satsang with Judith

Compassionate Presence, Healing and Embodiment

Our body knows what is natural and true.

Its way of life is sacred.

Let’s respect it deeply.”

~ Judith

About Satsang

“Satsang is like a nature reserve for our body, mind and soul. We need safe and protected places where all of ourselves can gradually come to rest, unfurl and return to naturalness.”

~ Judith

About Judith

Judith is a Wisdom Teacher, Soul Companion & Dance Movement Psychotherapist. Born & raised in Austria, Judith moved to the UK in her 20s. Since her teenage years Judith has devoted herself to the journey of emotional healing & spiritual transformation initially through breathwork & later through movement & dance practices. 


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What People Are Saying

“SPECTACULAR and profound work, immense love and it has affected me deeply.”

~ Nicky Ferry, Life Coach

“I have been profoundly impacted by such a deeply held heart space, the field of love was very very palpable, extremely grateful for your open, loving and courageous holding Judith.”

~ Jenny Smith

 “Clarity, warmth and total acceptance are what I experience in Judith’s satsang, the beautiful opportunity of coming together to explore the truth of our being. For those of us who feel there is something missing in our lives, feel blocked or in pain from past events or are searching for spiritual meaning, the gentleness and palpable love of Judith’s approach holds and guides us to find freedom.’”

~ Liza Wedgwood, Dancer

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Satsang with Judith

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