Meeting your greatest Friend

Your Heart is already vast, open and infinitely wise. It is always here, always present and is the very source of your deepest nourishment and greatest fulfillment. It is here to provide you with ultimate safety and support no matter what comes your way. It is your greatest resource. It is your most intimate friend.

Your Heart is like an abundant refuge and oasis. Here, your body and your mind can recover from any harshness, they might have experienced in the past. They can finally lay down all of their burdens and find the safety and rest they have been longing for.


This Heart is who you truly are.

You are this love. You are this refuge. You are this oasis.

You are that which everything is longing for.

You are the medicine humanity craves.


Sat means Truth.

Sanga means Community.

Satsang is a gathering of friends honouring the Truth of your Being. In satsang, we honour you as this huge Love, as the wise and free Heart that already lives and breathes as you.

“Satsang is like a gathering of mountains, where already magnificent Beings gather to root and spread even more deeply and widely. Together we amplify this radiant mountain presence and gift it to all Beings everywhere.”

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